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Why Choose Awning Windows?

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Bring the outside in with beautiful, functional awning windows. These windows are hinged at the top and open outward, allowing fresh air and natural light into your New Orleans home. Awning windows are a classic design that looks great in traditional architecture.

Awning windows have many benefits for your home. The outward-opening design allows for full, unobstructed views when the window is open. You can easily open the window for ventilation, even when it’s raining, without water getting inside. The hinged design also makes it easy to clean the outside of an awning window from inside your home. These durable windows come in many styles to match your home’s aesthetic.

Customize your awning windows to perfectly fit your space. Choose from various widths, heights, and window materials like wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass. Large awning windows up to 6 feet wide are available to make a bold statement. For increased energy efficiency, select insulated glass and weatherstripping. Consider convenience features like insect screens and security locks.

Caring for awning windows is simple. Keep the tracks lubricated for smooth opening and closing. Periodically check for loose hardware or damage to the seals or weatherstripping. Clean the glass as needed with a soft cloth and mild cleaner. Protect wood windows with sealants and paint. Awning windows will provide your New Orleans home with beauty, ventilation, and charm for years to come.

The Top Awning Window Styles for New Orleans Homes

New Orleans is known for its rich architectural history, blending influences from French, Spanish, Creole, and Southern styles. When our team replaces the windows in New Orleans homes, we pay special attention to matching the style of the existing architecture. Awning windows are a classic choice to complement both traditional and contemporary home designs in the area. The operating style of awning windows makes them ideal for our climate, providing fresh air circulation and natural light.

There are many awning window shapes and styles for New Orleans homes. The options range from colonial to craftsman to Victorian and beyond. We will highlight the most popular awning window styles our Window Replacement New Orleans team recommends.

This classic window design features simple lines and an uncomplicated look. Traditional awning windows work well in colonial, farmhouse, and cottage-style homes in New Orleans. Our team often recommends opting for wood frames on traditional awning windows to match the home’s original character. However, we can also provide vinyl or aluminum frames for increased weather resistance and less maintenance.

Key features of traditional awning windows:

  • Single pane glass
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Often made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum
  • Hinged at the top and open outward
  • Hand cranks or push-out operators
  • Available in custom sizes

The traditional awning window style blends nicely into historic New Orleans homes. The windows can be painted or stained to match your interior trim. Traditional awning windows complement many home styles, providing ventilation and curb appeal.

For contemporary homes, our New Orleans window installation team frequently uses modern awning windows. This style has straight lines and a simple, minimalist look. Modern awning windows work well in mid-century ranch houses, contemporary builds, and newly constructed homes.

Defining features of modern awning windows:

  • Sleek and simple design
  • Made of aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass
  • Often have double pane glass
  • Chain or lever operators
  • Available in custom geometric shapes
  • Variety of frame colors like black, white, or gray

Modern awning windows make a striking statement in contemporary architecture. The clean lines blend seamlessly into modern homes. Large sizes allow ample natural light into your rooms. If your New Orleans home has a contemporary style, modern awning windows are an excellent replacement choice.

The craftsman style features the signature characteristics of the American Arts and Crafts movement. Craftsman homes are abundant in New Orleans neighborhoods. Our window installers frequently recommend craftsman style awning windows to match this iconic aesthetic.

Craftsman awning windows are defined by:

  • Wood frames with visible joinery
  • Gridded glass panes
  • Wrought iron hardware
  • Earthy colors like brown, green, red, yellow
  • Hand-cranked openers
  • Custom and asymmetrical sizes

Beautiful craftsman awning windows can make a dramatic statement in your early 20th century home. The windows match common craftsman elements like exposed beams, built-in cabinetry, and natural materials. Choose awning windows with wood grids, wrought iron handles, and an earthy color palette to complete the look.

Homes built in the Victorian era often featured awning windows to allow airflow into the home. Our team specializes in renovating historic Victorian architecture with period-appropriate windows. Victorian awning windows add old-world charm and match the ornate details in Victorian homes.

Key traits of Victorian awning windows:

  • Elaborate wood trim and scrollwork
  • Colored or patterned glass
  • Octagonal, elliptical, or curved shapes
  • Tall and narrow proportions
  • Decorative wrought iron hinges and lifts
  • Brass or antique bronze hardware

For cottages, row homes, and mansions with Victorian flair, beautifully detailed awning windows are an excellent restoration choice. Their unique shapes and decorative touches make them stand out. Choose colors like deep red, navy blue, hunter green, and antique white to match your Victorian interior.

Homes with Tudor or English cottage influences often suit a traditional English awning window style. Our specialists help New Orleans homeowners restore the old-world European charm of Tudor homes with classic awning windows.

Tudor awning windows feature:

  • Dark wood frames
  • Small square panes or diamond-shaped leaded glass
  • Wrought iron casement stays
  • Tall, narrow proportions
  • Deep finished wood interiors
  • Neutral colors like black, deep red, dark green

These traditional style awning windows mirror the Medieval look of English Tudor homes. Diamond or square leaded glass lends old-world character. For authentic charm, choose wood frames and wrought iron hardware. English awning windows are perfectly suited for Tudor cottages and manor homes

The Mediterranean style is common in early New Orleans homes influenced by French, Italian, and Spanish architecture. Our window replacement team helps homeowners preserve Mediterranean charm with specialty awning windows.

Mediterranean awning windows include:

  • Arched tops
  • Ornate forged iron hardware
  • Deep finished wood interiors
  • Earthy colors like ivory, tan, sea green
  • Bronze casement stays and hinges
  • Curved and arched forms

Unique Mediterranean awning windows match the rounded doorways, balconies, and ornamental ironwork of this style. For historic preservation, choose wood-framed windows with arched tops, warm finishes, and forged iron details. Mediterranean awning windows reflect the sunny charm of coastal architecture.

Which Awning Window Style is Best For Your New Orleans Home?

Awning windows are a popular choice for New Orleans homes because they provide ventilation while protecting against rain. When replacing your windows, it's important to select an awning style that complements your home's architecture. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best awning windows for your home:

Architectural Style

New Orleans has a rich architectural history. Historic homes may have traditional double-hung windows, while Craftsman bungalows often feature awning styles. Consider how new awnings can enhance your home's existing look. For example, Victorian homes may look best with wood windows while fiberglass replicates the look of wood with lower maintenance.

Exterior Features

Look at exterior details like trim, shutters, and hardware. Does your home have ornate trim that new windows should match? Are the shutters sized for awnings? Hardware should coordinate with the window material. For instance, wrought iron pairs well with wood windows.

Interior Design

The windows should complement your interior colors and features. Stained wood may look best with wooden windows while white awning windows brighten up rooms with light-colored walls and decor.


Carefully measure existing windows to get the proportions right. An architect can help determine proper sizing and location of new windows to enhance daylighting and ventilation.

Energy Efficiency

Wood and aluminum are less energy efficient than vinyl and fiberglass. In the hot New Orleans climate, energy efficient windows can save on cooling costs. Look for Energy Star rated windows.

Window Size and Placement

Carefully measure existing windows to get the proportions right. An architect can help determine proper sizing and location of new windows to enhance daylighting and ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Awning Windows in New Orleans, Louisiana

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, providing excellent ventilation even during rainy weather. They are ideal for New Orleans, LA, homes seeking energy-efficient replacement windows.

Signs include drafts, increased energy bills, or difficulty operating the window. Our window company in New Orleans, LA, provides expert assessments to determine if window replacement is necessary.

Yes, we specialize in awning window installation for homes in New Orleans, LA. Our team ensures precise fitting to enhance energy efficiency and security.

Awning windows offer superior ventilation while keeping rain out due to their unique design. We recommend them for New Orleans, LA, homes needing replacement windows with easy-to-operate features.

Our window installation process involves measuring, preparing, and securely fitting the window. As a trusted window contractor in New Orleans, LA, we ensure hassle-free replacement window services.


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