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Introducing our beautiful and durable entry doors, perfectly suited for the New Orleans climate. Crafted from premium materials, these doors offer strength, security, and curb appeal. The sturdy construction withstands wind and weather, while attractive designs complement any architectural style.

Step into the comfort of your home through an entryway you can rely on. Advanced sealing technology blocks drafts and noise, creating an inviting interior environment. Decorative glass options bathe rooms in natural light, yet ensure privacy. Experience the convenience of durable low-maintenance exteriors that resist swelling and warping.

Easily customize dimensions to your exact specifications for a precise fit. Choose from a range of styles, materials, finishes, hardware, and glass to match your tastes. Local installation by our experienced team ensures proper alignment and operation.

All our entry doors are designed to provide security and convenience for years to come. 

The Entry Door Styles We Offer for Homes in New Orleans

At Window Replacement New Orleans, we know that your front door is more than just a functional entryway into your home. It's a design statement that reflects your personal style and complements your home's architecture. When selecting an entry door in New Orleans, you have an abundance of style options to consider. In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular entry door styles for homes in the Big Easy.

Craftsman Style Makes a Comeback

The Craftsman style features simple, clean lines and exposed woodwork. This pragmatic design harkens back to the early 20th century Arts and Crafts movement. Distinguished by its straight lines, wide overhanging eaves, and exposed rafter tails, the Craftsman style pairs beautifully with bungalows and cottages. An iconic Craftsman entry door has a wide plank design, often with diagonal wood accents. Glass lites add light while maintaining privacy. For New Orleans homes with Craftsman character, a coordinating entry door reinforces the cohesive look.

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Entry doors New Orleans

Lean Into the Modern Industrial Look

Exposed brick, weathered wood, and steel accents define the modern industrial aesthetic. For contemporary homes, an industrial-style entry door makes a striking statement. Metal doors in black, bronze, or stainless steel convey edgy sophistication. Go for an embossed or flattened panel design to align with the industrial vibe. Frosted glass lites filter light beautifully while ensuring privacy. For urban lofts or modern cottages, an industrial entry door channels urban chic appeal.

Welcome Guests with French Doors

Nothing imparts elegance quite like a set of French doors flanking your entryway. This classic double door style features rows of glass panes surrounded by mullions and rails. The plentiful glass ushers in bountiful natural light. French doors lend an airy, spacious feel - ideal for New Orleans homes with open floor plans. For cottage-style and Mediterranean homes, painted French doors in cheery colors like red, yellow, or robin's egg blue set a convivial mood.

Sliding Doors Blend Indoor-Outdoor Living

Slide your entryway open with a gorgeous set of sliding doors. This style allows you to seamlessly connect your home's interior with the exterior living space. Sliding patio doors come in materials like wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. For optimal energy efficiency, look for double-paned glass and weatherstripping features. Homes with patios, verandas, and porchesbenefit from the flexibility of sliding entry doors. They allow you to open up your entertaining space when weather permits.

Double Doors Dial Up the Drama

Why settle for one door when you can have two? Double entry doors make a striking architectural statement. The double door style provides a grand entrance for multi-story foyers and arched doorways. Many designs feature charming decorative touches like side lites, glass transoms, or wrought iron door pulls. For Tudor, Mediterranean, and Spanish style homes, dark wood double doors impart old-world elegance. Painted white double doors keep the look light and airy. This versatile entry door style adds character to all types of homes.

Pocket Doors Disappear into Walls

For a clean, modern look, pocket doors slide discreetly into the wall. On the interior side, pocket doors appear flush with no visible hardware when closed. When open, they disappear into niches carved into the wall framing. This creates an uninterrupted flow between rooms. Pocket doors work well for tight spaces and smaller homes. They're an excellent choice for apartments, lofts, and contemporary homes. For seamless indoor-outdoor access, install a pocket door in place of a traditional sliding door.

Dutch Doors Deliver Versatility

A Dutch door, also called a stable door, gets its name from American settlers who brought the design from Holland. This distinctive split door has an upper and lower half that open independently. Open just the top half to let in fresh air while keeping pets and little ones safely enclosed. Dutch doors bring a touch of European charm to cottages, cabins, and rustic homes. An eclectic variation features a lower half that swings open like a standard door, while the upper half slides horizontally.

Glass Doors Bathe Entries in Light

For a bright and airy entryway, choose a door that lets ample light filter in. Glass paneled doors, glass French doors, and glass sliding doors are all excellent options. Tempered glass adds durability and safety to glass door designs. For enhanced security, select laminated glass, which resists shattering when impacted. Low-E coated glass reflects UV rays and improves insulation. With quality construction and protective finishes, glass doors stand up well to New Orleans' humidity and storms while filling your home with natural light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Entry Doors in New Orleans, Louisiana

New entry doors enhance curb appeal, security, and energy efficiency. Our door replacement services in New Orleans, LA, provide clients with high-quality options to elevate their home’s appearance.

Signs of needed replacement include drafts, visible damage, and difficulty opening or closing. Our door company in New Orleans, LA, offers thorough assessments to recommend suitable replacement doors.

Yes, modern entry doors have improved insulation to reduce energy loss. We offer New Orleans, LA, door installation services with options that improve home energy efficiency.

The process starts with precise measurements, removal of the old door, and installing the new one. Our door contractor in New Orleans, LA, ensures seamless door replacement services.

Consider factors like material, style, and energy efficiency. Our door company in New Orleans, LA, helps guide clients in selecting the perfect entry doors for their specific needs.


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