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Why Choose Vinyl Windows?

Bring the outside in with beautiful, energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows. Crafted from premium vinyl, our windows feature multi-chambered frames and high-performance glazing that provides both curb appeal and energy savings.

Our windows come loaded with features designed to enhance your home. Tilt-in sashes make cleaning a breeze while concealed locking hardware provides added security. We offer a range of vinyl window styles to complement your architecture, from dramatic bays and bows to elegant double hung and sliding sash windows.

Available in custom sizes, our windows can be made to fit your existing window openings precisely. Headroom, side room and minimum air infiltration requirements are all taken into consideration with our vinyl windows. Climate matters too. Our windows are designed specifically for the hot, humid Gulf Coast region.

Proper installation is key to vinyl window performance and longevity. Our experienced installers take care to properly seal, integrate and test your new windows so you enjoy trouble-free operation for years to come. We stand behind our vinyl windows with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty.

The Many Glass Options for Vinyl Replacement Windows in New Orleans

When selecting new vinyl replacement windows for your New Orleans home, one of the most important choices you'll make is the type of glass. The glass type affects aesthetics, energy efficiency, security, privacy, and more. At Window Replacement New Orleans, we offer a wide selection of glass options for our vinyl windows so you can find the perfect glass for your needs.

Low-E Glass: The Gold Standard for Energy Efficiency

Our most popular glass for New Orleans vinyl windows is low-emissivity or low-E glass. This high-tech glass has a microscopically thin metallic coating that reflects heat. In hot climates like New Orleans, low-E glass reduces solar heat gain and helps keep your home cooler. The low-E coating also acts as insulation to trap warmth inside during colder weather. Simply put, low-E glass gives you the best of both worlds - reducing AC costs in summer and heating costs in winter. No wonder it’s the gold standard for energy-efficient replacement windows. We offer low-E glass on all of our vinyl windows. The exact solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and visible light transmittance (VLT) can be customized based on your specific needs and orientation.

Insulated Glass Units Enhance Temperature Control

Many of our vinyl windows feature double-paned or even triple-paned glass. An insulated glass unit (IGU) consists of two or more panes of glass separated by an air gap. The air space provides an insulating barrier between inside and outside temperatures. We often fill the air space with argon gas since it’s a better insulator than plain air. Argon gas reduces temperature transfer through the window by nearly 30%. An IGU with low-E coatings and argon fill gives you the ultimate protection against heat and cold.

Laminated Glass Safeguards Against Storms

New Orleans gets more than its fair share of severe weather. From hurricanes to hailstorms, flying debris can easily shatter ordinary window glass. Laminated glass consists of two panes bonded together by a strong interlayer. When the glass is impacted, the interlayer prevents it from breaking apart. Laminated glass provides protection against windborne debris during high winds. It also helps maintain structural integrity by keeping the window frame intact. We recommend upgrading to laminated glass for all windows facing susceptible directions.

Tempered Glass Adds Strength

Tempering is a heat treatment process that makes glass up to four times stronger than untreated glass. Tempered glass is able to withstand higher wind loads and impacts. When it does break, tempered glass fractures into small rounded chunks rather than dangerous shards. We use tempered glass in door windows and other hazardous locations to prevent injuries. Tempered glass also meets code requirements for bathroom windows and near stairs or landings. It’s an affordable way to build strength and safety into vinyl replacement windows.

Obscure Glass Maintains Privacy

Seeking privacy? Obscure glass frosts or textures one side of the glass during manufacturing. This obscures visibility while still allowing light to enter the room. Obscure glass comes in many patterns, like glue chip, flemish, bronze tint, rain, and more. We can match existing obscure windows or create a new custom look with ease. Obscure glass is perfect anywhere you want light but not visibility. Common applications include bathrooms, front entry doors, and clerestory windows. Consider using it in combination with clear glass to find the right privacy-visibility balance.

More Glass Options for Vinyl Windows

Decorative Glass Personalizes Your Windows

In addition to functional glass types, we also offer decorative glass to put a signature touch on your replacement windows. Here are some top options our New Orleans customers love:

  • Leaded glass with handcrafted beveled glass pieces and lead cames recalls the Craftsman era. Choose from geometric patterns, flowers, and more.
  • Etched glass has a lightly frosted look with satin-finished designs. We can custom etch everything from birds to company logos.
  • Stained glass turns windows into works of art. Ours is crafted using high-quality stained and leaded glass.
  • Painted glass allows virtually any color or finish. Think faux marble, metallic sheens, or rainbow hues.

Let our experts help you find the perfect decorative glass to bring your vision to life.

Tinted Glass Filters Light and Heat

Window glass can also be tinted to control light and heat entry. Our tinted glass options include:

  • Bronze tint – reduces glare and heat gain while minimizing interior fade damage. Provides a warm glow.
  • Gray tint – neutral color allows excellent visibility and only slightly reduces sunlight.
  • Green tint – light green hue absorbs heat yet has little visual impact.
  • Blue-green tint – combines heat control with high visible light transmittance.

Window tint comes in a range of light transmittance levels. We’ll help determine the right level for each exposure to keep your home comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Windows in New Orleans, Louisiana

Vinyl windows are durable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient. Our window company in New Orleans, LA, recommends them for replacement windows due to their cost-effectiveness and longevity.

Consider replacement if you notice drafts, warping, or difficulty in operating the windows. Our window replacement services in New Orleans, LA, ensure your residential windows are in optimal condition.

Yes, vinyl windows are ideal due to their energy efficiency and affordability. Our window installation in New Orleans, LA, ensures they are fitted perfectly for maximum performance.

The process involves assessing the current windows, precise measurements, and professional installation. Our window company in New Orleans, LA, ensures a seamless installation for replacement windows.

Vinyl windows have insulated frames that help reduce heat transfer and energy loss. Our window contractor in New Orleans, LA, provides high-quality replacement windows to improve insulation and lower energy bills.


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