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Finding the right patio doors for your New Orleans home can completely transform your living space. Stepping out onto a beautiful new patio or balcony can make your home feel bigger, brighter and more connected to the outdoors. When it’s time to replace old, drafty or damaged patio doors, the team of professionals at Window Replacement New Orleans has the expertise to help find the perfect new doors for your needs and budget.

With a wide selection of stylish, high-performance patio doors, you can let more natural light into your home while improving energy efficiency. Carefully chosen new doors can also enhance the look of your home with attractive materials like wood, aluminum or fiberglass. To get the full experience of indoor-outdoor living in the New Orleans climate, panoramic multi-slide and French door styles are popular options.

Properly installed patio doors will provide you with smooth operation, tight seals and durable construction that can withstand wind and weather. Your new doors can come with convenient features like built-in blinds, tinted or Low-E glass, and secure locking systems. Choose from hinged or sliding openings in custom sizes to perfectly fit your existing patio or balcony space.

Caring for new patio doors is simple with proper cleaning, lubrication and maintenance. Protecting them from direct sun exposure and weather extremes will help ensure they function properly and look beautiful year after year. The skilled installation team will provide all the information you need on how to operate and care for your new doors.

The Patio Door Styles We Offer for Homes in New Orleans

When it's time to replace the patio doors in your New Orleans home, one of the biggest decisions you'll make is the style. There are numerous patio door styles to choose from, each with their own unique benefits and features. The patio door experts at Window Replacement New Orleans have installed countless doors across the city and can guide you in selecting the ideal style for your home and lifestyle.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are one of the most popular styles for New Orleans homes. These doors feature panels that slide horizontally on tracks to open and close. Sliding patio doors are available in several configurations:

  • Two panel doors are the most common, with one panel sliding and one stationary. This style offers a wide opening with a clean, contemporary look.
  • Three panel sliding doors provide an even larger opening when you want to truly blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. The third panel is fixed in place.
  • Four panel multi-slide doors take the sliding concept to the next level. All four panels glide smoothly to stack neatly to one side, creating a huge opening without any obstructions. This style is perfect for unobstructed backyard or pool views.
Sliding patio doors are typically available in materials like aluminum, vinyl, wood, or fiberglass. Advanced energy-efficient features like double pane or triple pane glass, argon gas filled, and low-E coatings can be added. Security enhancements like multi-point locks and laminated glass are also options.

French Patio Doors

French doors are a classic patio door style preferred for their elegance and traditional appeal. French doors consist of multiple hinged doors in a double door configuration that swing out or in to open. Because they don't slide, French doors can be somewhat space-consuming on a patio or deck. But they make up for it by providing full views when closed and a welcoming Old World character. French patio doors are commonly available with two door panels, but configurations with three or more panels are also produced. Premium wood species like oak, mahogany or alder are often used for interior French doors. But fiberglass and steel French doors are also popular for low-maintenance exterior use.

Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors provide one of the widest opening capabilities of any sliding door style. Rather than sliding, the multiple panels fold up accordion-style. Bi-folding doors are probably the most common, with two panels that fold to the side. But impressive folding/multi-slide doors systems can feature three, four or more panels. These concertina style doors allow you to open an entire wall for a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience. Folding patio doors are built using narrow door panels, often with a series of smaller glass panes. Materials like aluminum, wood, vinyl and fiberglass are available. Advanced folding doors can come with weather resistance, security features and excellent energy efficiency.

Pocket Patio Doors

For a completely unobstructed opening without any doors protruding, pocket patio doors are the way to go. These doors slide or fold right into the wall cavity rather than sliding or folding in front of the opening. When closed, pocket doors are discreetly concealed in the wall pocket. But when opened, they provide a huge, clean opening without any obstructions. This style is sometimes called disappearing doors. Pocket patio doors require expert installation and more extensive wall construction. But the seamless look and functionality enhances indoor-outdoor spaces. Pocket doors can be sliding, bi-folding or even accordion folding into the cavity.

Swinging Patio Doors

In addition to French doors, standard hinged patio doors are another swinging door option. These are basically like any other exterior door, mounted on hinges and swinging inward or outward to open. Swinging patio doors can be a simple and budget-friendly option. They don't provide the expansive opening potential of sliding doors, but let you retain a traditional motif. Swinging doors are available as single doors or double doors. They can also come with sidelights or transoms to allow more light inside. Premium wood species and energy-efficient insulated cores are popular options.

Other Specialty Patio Door Styles

Beyond the major types, there are some unique specialty patio door styles that might suit specific homes:

  • Pivot doors have panels that rotate horizontally on a central pivot point to open. They lend a contemporary vibe.
  • Barn style doors slide on an overhead rail and can completely disappear when open. Rustic wood barn doors are popular.
  • Lift-slide doors have panels that lift before sliding to the side. This allows for very large openings.
  • Stacker doors accordion fold completely out of the way into a small stacked footprint against the wall.

The Many Material Options for New Orleans Patio Doors

Patio doors are available in a diverse range of materials to match any home style and budget. The material you select impacts the durability, longevity, appearance, weight, insulation value and price of your new doors. The window experts at Window Replacement New Orleans have experience with all the most popular patio door materials. We’re here to guide you in choosing the right material for your home’s specific nee

Aluminum is one of the most common and affordable patio door materials. Doors made from extruded aluminum frames offer these benefits:

  • Extremely durable, long-lasting and resistant to sagging
  • Requires very little maintenance besides occasional cleaning
  • Provides structural strength while remaining lightweight
  • Can be painted or powder coated for color customization
  • Resists condensation and heat/cold conduction
  • Can incorporate energy-efficient features like argon gas, low-E glass coatings and thermal breaks

Aluminum patio doors are available in many configurations like sliding and French doors. Advanced finishing and hardware allows high-end aesthetics.

For their low-cost, low-maintenance and energy-efficient properties, vinyl patio doors are another top choice. Benefits of vinyl doors include:

  • Durable PVC construction holds up well to weather and resists denting
  • Requires no painting and wipes clean easily
  • Provides excellent insulation and noise reduction
  • Narrow vinyl frames maximize glass viewing area
  • Won’t warp, rot or swell like wood doors
  • Affordable pricing suits most replacement budgets

Vinyl patio doors mainly come in sliding styles and are ideal for humid climates like New Orleans. Modern vinyl compounds resist sun damage for long-lasting color retention.

For classic beauty and architectural detail, wood patio doors are unmatched. Natural solid wood doors offer:

  • Aesthetic appeal from beautiful wood grains and textures
  • Custom stain or paint color options
  • Ability to match existing trim or design style
  • Structural integrity from thick solid wood construction
  • Options for intricate carvings, inlays and hardware
  • Can be built completely custom for unique openings
  • Repairable over time unlike other materials

Wood requires more maintenance to prevent warping and water damage. But properly protected wood patio doors will last for decades.

Fiberglass has fast become a leading patio door material. Doors made with fiberglass reinforcements provide:

  • Superior overall strength and impact resistance
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties for energy efficiency
  • Minimal expansion and contraction with temperature changes
  • Resistance to rotting, corrosion, warping and denting
  • Low-maintenance and durable for lasting quality
  • Custom color, wood grain and hardware options available
  • Able to mimic wood at lower cost and upkeep

Fiberglass patio doors are available in almost any style, with sliding and French among the most popular. Advanced glass packages also increase energy savings potential.

For another wood-like alternative requiring minimal maintenance, composite patio doors are a top choice. Composite doors consist of:

  • Wood fibers mixed with resins for durability and strength
  • Foam or polyurethane cores for structural stability
  • Can be stained, painted or embossed with wood grain
  • Resistant to moisture, rotting, warping and pests
  • Provide good insulation and noise reduction
  • Require only occasional cleaning
  • Available in numerous styles and colors

Composite won’t last as long as real wood, but provides excellent value in wood-look doors. Sliding, French and bi-fold composite doors are widely available.

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Patio doors bring natural light, enhance views, and provide easy access to outdoor spaces. Our door installation in New Orleans, LA, offers homeowners stylish and functional options.

Signs include drafts, fogging between glass panes, or difficulty opening and closing. Our New Orleans, LA, door replacement services can assess if it’s time for a replacement door.

Yes, modern patio doors have features like double glazing and improved insulation. Our New Orleans, LA, door contractor provides energy-efficient residential door options to help reduce utility bills.

The process begins with assessing your needs, followed by removing the old door and installing the new one. Our New Orleans, LA, door company ensures a smooth installation for replacement doors.

Consider factors like style, material, and energy efficiency. Our door company in New Orleans, LA, helps guide you in selecting patio doors that meet your specific needs.


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