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Why Choose Picture Windows?

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Gazing out expansive panes of glass, the outdoors blend seamlessly into home. Frames crafted from durable vinyl or wood enclose large light-filled spaces. Strategic placement floods the room with natural illumination. Curved architecture and clean lines create an airy atmosphere.

Advanced glazing technologies regulate temperature and minimize energy costs. Laminated layers muffle outside noise for serene surroundings. Proprietary coatings block UV rays to protect furnishings from fading. Insulated units seal out drafts and weatherstrip frames to prevent leaks.

Consult with window specialists to select custom sizes and shapes. Measure opening dimensions for an exact fit. Choose from colors and finishes to match existing trim and architecture. Add mullions, transoms, or geometric shapes for unique aesthetics.

Professional installation ensures proper anchoring and sealing for optimal performance. Experienced crews make the process smooth from start to finish. Ongoing maintenance keeps windows operating smoothly for years of beauty and enjoyment.

The Many Styles of Picture Windows for New Orleans Homes

New Orleans is known for its unique architecture, blending influences from Europe and the Caribbean to create beautiful homes full of character. One architectural element that adds instant curb appeal and opens up interiors is the picture window. With so many types of picture windows to choose from, it can be hard to select the right style for your New Orleans home. Our team of experts at Window Replacement New Orleans has put together this guide to the most popular styles of picture windows available to help you make the perfect choice.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a classic picture window style comprised of a series of windows set at angles forming a bay that projects outward. Typically three to five windows make up a bay window unit, with two angled windows on each side and a large stationary window in the center. This unique shape provides a space for seating, display shelves, or just extra room filled with beautiful natural light. The angles and projections add dimensional details to exterior facades. Bay windows look stunning on New Orleans cottages and Victorian homes. You can opt for identical windows or combine windows of different sizes and styles for more visual interest.

Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows also project outward from a wall surface. However, bow windows have a gently curved shape rather than angled sides. The smooth arc of four or more picture windows creates a feeling of expanded space indoors and a soft oval focal point outside. Bow windows are commonly found on New Orleans Colonial and Tudor style exteriors, especially framing a grand front entryway. Another signature use is above a kitchen sink, offering views of the backyard while flooding the space with natural illumination. The graceful curves add a touch of softness to both traditional and contemporary homes.

Garden Windows

As the name implies, garden windows are designed to provide space for growing plants, herbs, and flowers inside the home. These specialized windows feature a sturdy shelf or bench space at the base, perfect for potted plants. Above, an outward-projecting picture window provides ample sunlight for plants to thrive. Many garden windows include hinged roof vents for ventilation and side windows that open for access to plants. These mini greenhouses allow you to enjoy gardening all year long, with a beautiful view of your plants. They are particularly popular in New Orleans kitchens, creating a fresher indoor environment.

Transom Windows

This window type has a horizontal orientation, installed above doorways or other windows. Transom windows may be hinged to open for ventilation or designed as fixed picture windows. They have a sleek, linear shape that complements modern architecture. Transoms also have traditional applications, providing natural light in entryways and hallways without compromising privacy. Creative transom designs can mirror shapes in other architectural details for cohesion. For example, transoms with arched tops can match arched doorways and accent windows.

Clerestory Windows

Clerestory windows are installed high on interior walls near the ceiling line. This special placement makes them visible from below, creating bright ribbons of natural light washing down walls. Traditional applications include lighting chapel and cathedral interiors. More modern uses illuminate open concept interior spaces and hallways without compromising privacy. In New Orleans homes, clerestory windows ventilate attics and create ambient mood lighting. Their elevated position showcases exterior treetop views you can’t appreciate from ground level windows.


Skylights are essentially picture windows for your roof. These windows can be installed as flat panels or domed bubbles on angled and flat roof planes. Clear or frosted glass allows natural illumination into interior rooms that lack exterior walls with windows. Skylights are commonly found in hallways, bathrooms, and stairwells centrally located in a home. But they can also highlight specific spaces like dining nooks and kitchen islands. New Orleans homes often use skylights to brighten dark, compact attic rooms while showcasing views of the sky above.

Stained Glass Windows

For centuries, stained glass windows have been valued for their incredible beauty and artistic craftsmanship. The sight of sunlight streaming through colored and painted glass is mesmerizing. Many historic churches, cathedrals, temples, mosques, and other religious buildings prominently feature stained glass windows for both aesthetic appeal and symbolic meaning. Over the years, stained glass has transitioned from religious spaces to become a popular architectural accent in homes. The dazzling colors, textures, and designs bring an elevated level of artistry to residential interiors in New Orleans.

Leaded Glass Windows

Leaded glass offers the elaborate artistry of stained glass windows but with clear glass pieces instead of colored glass. Also called leaded crystal or Georgian wired glass, this style also uses lead came strips to join together small glass shapes. The lattice effect of lead outlines adds visual interest and texture to the glass. As natural light streams through, it bends and refracts off the lead dividers in mesmerizing ways. This old world style brings elegance and sophistication to entrance doors, interior doors, cabinet doors, transoms, and accent windows throughout the home.

Frosted Glass Windows

For simple privacy combined with soft, diffused daylight, frosted glass windows are an excellent choice. Glass is made translucent using various methods to obscure visibility while still allowing light transmission. Acid etching uses chemicals to create microscopic pits across the glass surface. Sandblasting employs pressurized sand for an even more opaque, pebbled effect. Spray-on frosting offers uniform visual obscurity. You can also select custom patterns to be etched or sandblasted for decorative effects.

Sliding Windows

With their space-saving operation, sliding windows are a savvy choice for many homeowners. Sliding windows utilize horizontal sashes that glide back and forth in tracks rather than swinging open on hinges. The sashes lift out for easy cleaning and maintenance. Double-pane sliders have two operating window panes within the frame. For extra versatility, triple-pane options feature three independently sliding sashes. With options like transoms above, sliders accommodate a range of ventilation preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Picture Windows in New Orleans, Louisiana

Picture windows are large, fixed windows designed to frame outdoor views. Our window company in New Orleans, LA, offers picture windows as a stylish replacement window option for homes.

If your windows are foggy, drafty, or causing high energy bills, it might be time for a replacement. Our window installation services in New Orleans, LA, include assessments to identify if your residential windows need upgrading.

Yes, with the right glazing and insulation, picture windows can significantly improve energy efficiency. Our window contractor in New Orleans, LA, provides high-quality replacement window options.

The process involves measuring the space, removing the old window, and installing the new one. Our window installation in New Orleans, LA, ensures a precise fit and professional installation.

Absolutely, picture windows come in various sizes and shapes to fit your specific needs. We offer customizable residential window solutions through our New Orleans, LA, window replacement services.


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