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Why Choose Casement Windows?

Looking to bring more light and a refreshing breeze into your home? Casement windows in New Orleans, LA offer an excellent solution. As one of the most versatile and efficient window styles, casements provide a number of benefits for your home.

Crafted with quality materials, these windows come in a range of sizes to perfectly fit any opening. Their innovative hinged design allows the window to open outward, letting in significantly more air than sliding styles. Casement windows are also great for homes in windy areas, as they form an airtight seal when closed.

With energy efficient glazing and weatherstripping, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills. Advanced glass coatings help block UV rays to prevent fading, while keeping interiors comfortable. Cleaning is easy with their smooth surfaces and outward opening capabilities.

To bring stylish charm and increased value to your home, consider installing new casement windows. Their aesthetically pleasing look complements various architectural styles. With proper care and maintenance, these windows will provide lasting durability and flawless operation for years to come.

Upgrading Your Home with Casement Window Hardware in New Orleans

When it comes to replacing or installing new windows in your New Orleans home, casement styles provide beauty, versatility, and energy efficiency. As you research casement options for your next window project, one important consideration is the hardware. The hinges, cranks, locks, and opening mechanisms play a key role in functionality, aesthetics, and overall performance. The experienced team at Window Replacement New Orleans has extensively researched and installed numerous casement window hardware types. We want to provide you with an in-depth look at the many hardware options available. With the right hardware choice, your new casement windows will operate smoothly for years while complementing your home's architecture.

Crank Operated Hinges

The most common hardware for operating casement windows are crank-operated hinges. Attached to the side jambs, these hinges allow the window sash to open outward when you turn the crank. Crank-operated hinges come in a wide variety of finishes like white, bronze, brass, chrome, and more to match your window frames. Gear sizes and ratios will determine how many turns are needed to fully open or close the window. For larger windows, a higher gear ratio allows you to operate them with less turns. If airflow efficiency is important to you, higher gear ratios are ideal. For hard to reach spots, extension crank rods can provide increased leverage and accessibility. We also offer folding crank handles to conveniently tuck away when not in use. Maintaining proper crank operation ensures casements function as designed.

Push Out Casement Hardware

If you'd prefer windows free of protruding cranks, push out casements are a great choice. Their sleek hardware is integrated into the window jambs and frame. To operate the window, you simply press gently on the glass and the hinged sash will swing outward. With no visible hardware, push out casements have a very clean, contemporary look. However, they do not open as wide as crank models. Push out hardware also tends to be more expensive. But if your priority is smooth lines and modern aesthetics, these innovative hinges are worth considering.

Top-Hinged Hardware

Casement windows are not limited to side-hinged openings. For windows placed high on walls or under eaves, we recommend top-hinged models. Top hinges allow the window to push outward rather than to the side, enhancing ventilation. Using top-hinged hardware also allows for pairing casements with transom windows above, a popular architectural design element. The light and increased airflow provided by the transom casement combo is ideal in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. We ensure correct installation angles for effortless operation.

Robust Locking Systems

With their outward swinging operation, maintaining a tight seal is paramount for casements. To achieve superior weather resistance and security, the latest multi-point locking mechanisms are key. Upgraded hardware incorporates locking points along the entire window jamb, not just the handle. This creates an airtight compression seal against the frame when fully closed. Precision engineered locks engage effortlessly with a single lever. The enhanced strength of multi-point locks also deters intruders. Their tamper-resistant design exceeds forced entry codes in many areas. We only recommend industry leading brands like Truth Hardware known for reliability.

Screen Integration Options

Another hardware element to consider is how screens are integrated into the window system. Traditional casements use separate screen panels that attach to the exterior frame using spline channels and springs. While effective, these screens can be prone to damage.Newer casement units incorporate “hidden screen” technology. Screens are mounted to the interior, rolling out of concealed pockets in the side jambs. When not needed, hidden screens remain protected and out of sight.For top-of-the-line protection against insects and debris, retractable screens offer the best functionality. These seamlessly integrate into the sash itself. With the turn of a knob or crank, the screen glides effortlessly out of the frame.When retracted, the screen is completely concealed behind the glass pane. Clean lines are maintained while promoting ventilation. Retractable screens are engineered for smooth, effortless operation.

The Optimal Finish

All casement window hardware components are available in a full spectrum of finishes. Which finish you select impacts the overall visual appeal. Consider closely the existing trim and hardware finishes already present in your home’s architecture and decor.White or baked enamel casement hardware offers a clean, classic look especially for exteriors with white trim. Oil-rubbed bronze is a popular hardware finish providing a natural, earthy feel. Satin nickel imparts understated elegance with its cool grey luster. For a true standout statement, black window hardware makes a striking impact. Ornate gold and brass finishes complement traditional or luxury home styles. The options are nearly endless to match your personal style.

Safety and Security Enhancements

Home safety and security are always top priorities. We recommend casement hardware that allows locking in ventilation positions. Through innovated stop brackets, you can crack windows open a few inches while still securely engaged. Some casement hardware incorporates intelligent sensors that immediately close windows when unexpected weather events occur. This helps protect against interior damage. Restrictor devices built into hinges can limit openings for child safety. For severe weather regions, impact and wind resistant casements and hardware are crucial. They are constructed to withstand high winds, flying debris, and forced entry. Fortifying homes against hurricanes and tornadoes gives peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casement Windows in New Orleans, Louisiana

Casement windows open outward, offering maximum ventilation and an unobstructed view. Our window company in New Orleans, LA, recommends them for their energy efficiency and ease of operation.

Check for drafts, visible wear, or difficulty in opening the window. We provide assessments and offer New Orleans, LA, replacement window services to ensure your home remains efficient.

Yes, casement windows are ideal for residential windows due to their excellent ventilation and modern look. Our window installation in New Orleans, LA, guarantees precise fitting and quality installation.

Installation time varies based on the project’s size and complexity. Our window installation services in New Orleans, LA, are efficient, ensuring minimal disruption during the replacement window process.

Casement windows form a tight seal when closed, reducing drafts and heat loss. Our window contractor in New Orleans, LA, specializes in installing these energy-efficient residential windows to help lower your utility bills.


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