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Why Choose Double Hung Windows?

Discover the beauty and functionality of double hung windows in New Orleans, LA. This classic window style features two sashes that slide up and down, allowing you to easily control ventilation and daylight.

Our double hung windows come loaded with features to enhance your home. Tilt-in sashes make cleaning a breeze from inside your home. High-performance glass keeps your rooms comfortable in the hot Louisiana climate while reducing outside noise. Integrated cordless lifts let you open and close with a touch of a finger. Screens come standard to keep bugs out while letting fresh air in.

Available in custom sizes, our double hung windows can fit openings and match the style of any New Orleans home. Each window is meticulously constructed from premium vinyl, copper, or wood. Finishes include classic white, beige, bronze, and more to complement your exterior.

Properly maintained, our windows will provide lasting performance and curb appeal for years to come. Keeping the tracks clear of dirt and lubricating as needed will ensure smooth operation. In our climate, some exterior caulking maintenance may be required.

Add Beauty and Privacy with Double Hung Window Grid Options in New Orleans

When selecting new double hung windows for your New Orleans home, one of the key decisions is choosing a grid option. Window grids, also called muntins or grilles, are the intersecting bars that separate individual window panes. Grids serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, adding style while also providing privacy. At Window Replacement New Orleans, we offer a wide selection of grid options to match any architectural style. Whether your home is traditional or modern, ornate or minimalist, we have the ideal grids to enhance your new double hung windows. In this guide, we'll walk through the different grid designs available and considerations for choosing the best grid style for your New Orleans property.

No Grids for a Simple, Modern Look

Going grid-free is an option that maintains an unobstructed view and clean, contemporary aesthetic. This works well for mid-century or industrial modern homes that emphasize sleek lines. No grids have a lighter, airier feel that highlights natural light. Our high-performance Low-E glass still ensures privacy even without grids. Grid-free windows also allow you to accentuate other architectural elements. For example, you can install grid-free windows flanking a craftsman-style door to make it really stand out. The lack of grids keeps the sightlines simple and draws attention where desired.

Colonial Grids Echo Historic New Orleans Architecture

Colonial grids, also called traditional grids, are an excellent choice to match classic New Orleans architecture. As the name implies, colonial grids reflect windows seen in homes built during the American colonial period and beyond. Colonial grids have a symmetrical, divided lite pattern with vertical and horizontal bars dividing the window into multiple even rectangles. This style provides a period-accurate look for historic homes, contributing to authentic curb appeal. The versatile design complements various architectural styles including French Quarter townhouses, Greek Revival mansions, and more. Interior colonial grids offer shadow lines that can make your space feel more expansive. Exterior grids provide an added layer of privacy while enhancing architectural harmony. For true historic accuracy, choose colonial grids with authentic muntins that actually divide the insulated glass unit into discrete lites.

Prairie Grids for Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Homes

Does your home feature the low, horizontal lines and open spaces of the prairie style? If so, prairie grids help continue the flow while adding interest. Prairie window grids have slim horizontal and vertical bars, with the horizontal lines being much further apart than colonial grids. This style was inspired by early 20th century architect Frank Lloyd Wright to match the long lines of prairie architecture. The look complements craftsman, bungalow, and other arts-and-crafts homes. Prairie grids add a graphic rhythm without chopping up sightlines. Go for an authentic divided lite prairie grid. Or opt for prairie grilles placed between the glass panes to get the look without actual dividers. Either option brings visual harmony to low prairie façades.

Diagonal Patterns with Diamond Grids

Our diamond grids offer a more contemporary take on traditional divided lites. Instead of horizontal and vertical bars, diamond grids have angled muntins forming an overall zigzag pattern. The asymmetrical look provides eye-catching geometric style. Diamond grids pair well with Gothic-revival, Queen Anne, and similarly ornate Victorian architecture. For cottages and other folk Victorian homes, painted exterior diamond grids make a charming accent. Interior diamond grids look beautiful flanking a bay window or highlighting any unique angles. The dazzling sunlight filtering through the angled pattern will make your space glow. Opt for authentic divided lite diamonds or cost-effective simulated versions placed between the glass.

Circles and Sunbursts for Stained Glass Style

Want to recreate the artful appeal of stained glass? Our circular grid options like sunbursts create that vibrant style in durable vinyl or wood. Sunburst grids radiate out from the center in a brilliant star or solar flare pattern. Circular grids feature concentric rings emanating out in ripples. Both circular options work beautifully in gables, transom windows, and anywhere you want to add a pop of personality. The vibrant patterns cast dancing lights throughout interior spaces. For exterior windows, circular grids make an eye-catching focal point. They pair perfectly with Gothic revival, Italianate, and similarly ornate architecture.

Custom Grids Offer Unlimited Possibilities

Have something unique in mind? As specialists in replacement double hung windows, we can bring your custom grid vision to life. Custom grids allow you to completely personalize the divided lite pattern. We can recreate antique wavy glass, echo elegant tracery found in old cathedrals, or form any abstract pattern you desire. Submit your custom grid drawing and we’ll craft it using durable vinyl or wood. Accentuate special architectural elements like arched transoms with complementary custom grids. Or create playful asymmetry and whimsy. For contemporary homes, custom grids are the opportunity to add original flair.

Key Considerations for Choosing Grid Options

Architectural Harmony

Select grids that match and accentuate your home’s existing architectural style. Colonial grids suit traditional designs, prairie grids complement arts-and-crafts homes, diamonds pair well with Victorian details, etc.


Choose sizes that fit the scale of your windows and rooms. For expansive great rooms, go bold with 3-4” wide grids. Opt for daintier 5/8” grids on petite windows.

Interior or exterior

Exterior grids boost curb appeal while interior grids enhance inside views. Combine both to get the aesthetic and privacy benefits.

Divided lite or simulated

Actual divided lite grids authentically separate insulated glass units. Simulated grids placed between glass panes replicate the look at a lower cost.

Color and material

Pick colors like black or bronze metal to pop against exterior brick. For interior grids, white is serene while stained wood adds warmth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Double Hung Windows in New Orleans, Louisiana

Double-hung windows have two sashes that move vertically, allowing both the top and bottom sections to open. Our window company in New Orleans, LA, recommends them for their versatility and ease of cleaning.

Look for signs like drafts, fogging between panes, or difficulty in opening the windows. Our window replacement services in New Orleans, LA, will ensure that your residential windows are in optimal condition.

Double-hung windows offer excellent ventilation and easy cleaning with tilt-in sashes. We provide quality window installation in New Orleans, LA, tailored to your specific needs.

The process begins with a thorough assessment, followed by precise measurements and professional installation. Our window installation services in New Orleans, LA, ensure a seamless and efficient process.

Yes, with properly installed double-hung windows, you can significantly reduce drafts and heat loss. Our window contractor in New Orleans, LA, offers energy-efficient replacement window options to improve your home’s insulation.


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