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Looking to replace your old, drafty windows with new, energy-efficient models? Our team has over a decade of experience installing beautiful replacement doors in New Orleans homes. We use only the highest quality materials and latest window technologies to ensure your satisfaction.

Our replacement doors feature durable frames made from vinyl, wood, or fiberglass. Vinyl is affordable and low-maintenance, while wood offers a classic look. Fiberglass combines durability and insulation. All our windows provide insulation against sound and weather.

The Many Styles of Replacement Doors We Offer in New Orleans, Louisiana

When it's time to replace the exterior doors in your New Orleans home, you have numerous style options to consider. The architecture and layout of your property will inform which types make the most sense, but aesthetics and personal taste play a role too. Our team at Window Replacement New Orleans has installed stunning entryways across the city, from traditional French doors to modern sliding styles. We're familiar with all popular replacement door varieties. Read on for an overview of the styles we frequently recommend for enhancing homes in New Orleans.

Classic French Doors

No door style evokes New Orleans charm quite like French doors. These iconic double doors feature large glass panes surrounded by muntins in pleasing geometric patterns. French doors lend an elegant, old-world feel perfect for historic homes. Beyond looks, they usher in ample natural light. French doors work excellently as exterior entries, particularly when your front porch or back patio beckons. They also make great interior doors for dividing rooms. We offer interior and exterior French doors in materials ranging from solid wood to fiberglass. Custom sizing ensures a perfect fit.

Patio Doors for Indoor-Outdoor Living

Sliding patio doors are another glass-focused style ideal for connecting interiors to outdoor living areas. Patio doors provide easy walk-through access to backyard patios, pool decks, porches, and more. Their copious glass allows daylight to filter into the home. Stackable sliding operation lets you open them wide when weather permits, while sealing up tight against elements when closed. We carry patio doors in vinyl and fiberglass optimized for smooth sliding, durability, and energy efficiency. Custom sizing, tints, security features, and other options are available.

Bifold Doors for Flexible Openings

Looking to open an entire wall to the outdoors? Bifold doors are the answer. Multiple door panels hinged together in a concertina style allow these doors to fold in accordion fashion. Opening bifold doors provides a wide unobstructed opening with minimal footprint. They're great for combining kitchens and dining rooms with outdoor patio space. We install interior and exterior bifold doors manufactured from vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Custom sizing ensures proper fit. With innovation built into their flexible design, bifold doors are a modern solution for indoor-outdoor New Orleans living.

The Warmth of Wood Entry Doors

Wood remains a top choice for New Orleans home entry doors given its beauty and tradition. Solid wood doors with quality construction provide security, durability, and timeless appeal. We offer wood doors in various styles — from single doors to double front doors — and numerous wood types. Mahogany, cherry, maple, alder, pine, and oak are some top options, each bringing distinct grains, textures, and hues. Glass inserts, carvings, and stains allow for customization. Proper installation and finish application by our experts helps wood doors withstand our climate. Bring welcoming curb appeal and natural warmth to your home with a new wood entry door.

Steel Doors for Enhanced Security

Safety and security are likely top priorities when choosing new exterior doors. Steel doors are inherently kicked-down resistant and pry-proof. Added features like integrated deadbolts, reinforcement brackets, and three-point locking systems make them even more secure. Steel entry doors also provide good insulation and weatherproofing. And modern aesthetics ranging from classic to contemporary allow steel doors to complement home styles from quaint cottages to sleek modern abodes. For optimal safety and fortress-like protection, we recommend steel exterior doors.

Low-Maintenance Fiberglass Entry Doors

For exterior doors highly resistant to weather and wear, fiberglass is an exceptional material. Doors constructed from fiberglass and resin are dent, rot, and warp-resistant. They hold up better than wood in New Orleans' heat and humidity. Maintenance is also minimal — just an occasional wash is all fiberglass doors need to stay looking like new for decades. Beyond durability, fiberglass provides excellent thermal insulation and mimics wood grain patterns. Custom design options like glass inserts, carvings, faux wrought iron, sidelights and transoms are available. For long-lasting performance and beauty, choose a fiberglass entry door.

More Door Options Available

This overview covers some of the most popular replacement door styles for New Orleans homes. But numerous other varieties are available too. Vinyl sliding doors offer smooth and quiet operation. Aluminum doors are ultra-durable and low-maintenance. Engineered composite doors provide extreme impact resistance. Dutch doors add a unique touch to entries. Barn doors style make creative room dividers. We can find just the right style to match your home.

Energy Efficient Replacement Doors for New Orleans Homes

With our hot, humid climate, energy efficient replacement doors are a priority for many New Orleans homeowners. Properly sealed doors prevent costly air leaks and conditioning loss. Materials with insulating properties also help regulate interior temperatures. As experts in door replacement, we recommend these energy efficient options:

Double Pane Glass Doors

Doors filled with two panes of glass and a sealed airspace notably reduce heat and AC loss while blocking noise. We offer double pane glass in many styles including French doors, sliding patio doors, fiberglass entry doors, and more.

Low-E Glass Doors

Low-emissivity or Low-E glass has a special transparent coating that reflects heat. This further boosts insulation in double pane glass doors. Low-E glass also blocks UV rays to prevent fading.

Argon Gas Filled Doors

For optimal insulation, some double pane doors fill the space between glass with argon gas instead of just air. Argon increases heat and cold retention even more.

Fiberglass Doors

The dense, rigid fiberglass material itself provides thermal insulation. Fiberglass doors with double pane Low-E glass offer supreme efficiency.

Energy Star Doors

Doors certified under the Energy Star program meet strict standards for energy savings. These doors make upgrading efficiency easy.

Proper Weather Sealing

Even the most efficient doors lose effectiveness when improperly sealed. Our experts ensure proper weatherstripping during installation for maximum efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Replacement Doors in New Orleans, Louisiana

Replacement doors enhance security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal. Our New Orleans, LA, door replacement services ensure homeowners receive doors that meet these standards.

If your doors show signs of drafts, visible wear, or difficulty in operation, it may be time for a replacement. Our door contractor in New Orleans, LA, provides assessments to recommend suitable replacement doors.

Yes, modern replacement doors come with improved insulation to reduce energy loss. We offer New Orleans, LA, door installation options to help improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The process starts with measuring your current door openings, removing the old doors, and installing new ones. Our door company in New Orleans, LA, ensures a seamless door replacement process.

Consider factors such as style, material, and energy efficiency. Our New Orleans, LA, door company provides expert advice to help you select replacement doors that suit your needs.


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